rlsk [demo]

by hectic zeniths

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A year ago, I started making a song for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

It was a short but sweet piano piece I recorded in a practice room at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz. To make things more texturally interesting, I stood on the corner of Broad and Catharine in South Philly on a cold winter night, recording the sound of cars stopping at a red light, and layered it over the piano part. I played her the result on February 14th.

I wanted to upload and share it, but it didn’t feel like a completely finished idea quite yet. Over the course of the next year, I chipped away at making a beat based around the same melody and chord progression as the piano piece, sang some vocals to the beat, and finally, my first attempt at recording a small touch of trumpet playing to the original piano piece. A year later, I think it feels complete...although maybe I want to leave open the possibility for re-doing the piano part in a studio and maybe beefing up the drums with live drums at some point, hence, labeling it a [demo].


released 12 February 2014



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